Why Choose Photon Spark

Our Hardware

We are in charge of the whole process of VPS and game hosting, from the assembly of our own servers, to the production and the maintenance of our servers. We can therefore guarantee high quality services and hosting solutions that are both flexible and reliable, at competitive prices.

Cloud Firewall

Whether you are a small, locally-based company or a large international corporation, our datacenters throughout the Europe will keep your services online and protected from the corners of the globe. We also provide anti-ddos tunnels if needed!

High Uptime & Transparent

We have a Trustpilot page where everyone can leave reviews after buying our servies and an uptime where people can see if any of our servies are down and their uptime percentage.

Our main services

Our main server plans, all with DDoS protection included

Game Plans


  • 15-300 GB SSD
  • 1-128 GB RAM
  • 1-32 Databases
  • Unlimited Support *
  • Free WebHost **


2.5 / month

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  • 10-2TB SSD
  • 1-128 GB RAM
  • 1GBps Uplink
  • Multiple Connections ***
  • Dedicated IPs


7.5 / month

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  • 2TB+ SSD/HDD
  • 128+ GB RAM
  • Unlimited Support
  • Custom DDoS protections
  • IPS/IDS Solutions

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Our connections to the internet

  • Romania - 5
  • Germany - 5
  • France - 1
  • Luxembourg - 1
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Experienced Minecraft Staff

Our staff knows how to configure minecraft servers. If there's a need for help, you can ask via discord for us! We answer to tickets very fast since our staff has people from different time zones.

Minecraft Servers
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Fivem Support

We have multiple people that are available for FiveM Tickets on our discord server. If you don't know how to configure your server, make a ticket and help will be on the way!

FiveM Servers

Automatic Deployment

Our platfrom has automatic deployment, meaning that after you order a VPS or Game Server, the server will be available shortly after. The time will depend on the service that you want hosted because some games will take longer to download than others.

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Control Panel & Monitoring

Control your server through a simple and fast control panel. It is very easy to start, manage, and install a custom OS on your own server.

Upon request, we can monitor your server's uptime and resource usage.

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